Work Place Transformation Services

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Work Place Transformation Services

The change that digitization has brought into our lives means that organizations must now deal with the challenge of a world of work that must operate in a context that has radically shifted. Workforce experience journeys, people structures, performance management and work analytics must all be actively redefined as enterprises race to transform their workplace into high-productivity, high-efficiency hubs for collaborating teams.

With Microsoft 365, the best of Office 365, Windows 10 and enterprise mobility and security, at the core, we accelerate the transformation of your enterprise into a more productive workplace. We systematically help your network of teams work with intelligence and efficiency to create more value.


  • Strategy & Advisory Services to envision the digital work place of future
  • We’ll help you find the right problems to solve to create your high-productivity workplace that catalyzes great workforce experiences, inspires innovation and supports meaningful collaboration. We take the Design Thinking approach to arrive at the digital strategy that will deliver most value for you and then leverage our transformation blueprints to guide strategy execution. We understand that every business is unique and that has led us to build industry-specific collaboration models. We assess your current assets and investments, unified communication and collaboration, productivity, security and compliance needs to arrive at a roadmap best suited for your enterprise.

  • Implementation and Migration services to enable and accelerate the transformation
  • We systematically accelerate the transformation of your enterprise into a more productive workplace. We bring in automation to enable the migration of users, sites and content to cloud-based Office 365, roll out Windows 10 and mobile application management, while ensuring security for your mobile workforce by leveraging Microsoft’s Enterprise mobility and security solutions.

    CMPTL collaboration workbench brings the power of automation to help you quickly iterate, prototype and realize value from your investments in Office 365. CMPTL Collaboration workbench:

    • Accelerates go-lives with pre-defined templates and automation scripts, reducing process definition and deployment efforts by 35%
    • Helps address enterprise demands related to ideation portals, knowledge management, and policy repositories faster. The application catalogue - a repository of feature-rich, functional, reusable and context-aware applications – play a big role here. These apps are plug and play conveniences that bring down configuration time by up to 60%. Chatbots integrated with these apps make the user experience immersive
    • Manages apps and their interactions seamlessly. Personalization of the collaboration portals and experience, increases user adoption by around 40%
    • Mobility has been accepted as the most disruptive technology faced by enterprises today. In the past few years, mobile devices have evolved from just providing enterprise email and data on the move, to introducing applications and services that have the potential to change the way companies do business. Mobility can help companies leverage contextual data to reach out to their customers more effectively.

      Mobile technologies today have untethered businesses from their fixed location, unlocked immense value, and unleashed solutions to further help businesses. Enterprises are at the cusp of realizing the immense potential of mobility. However, companies encounter challenges in their journey to unlock the opportunities offered by mobile devices.

  • Managed Services to enhance the work force experience on a collaboration continuum
  • Workplace technologies are evolving fast, demanding not only service management of your digital workplace environment but also governance, change management, training & enablement services to ensure you leverage new features and services effectively. We offer value-added services through our analytics dashboard that reports user adoption and collaboration effectiveness. As a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) of Microsoft, we also offer services in an IT-as-a-Service model packaging software subscriptions with integrated support and user-based pricing.

    In addition, we use our Artificial Intelligence platform to free up people effort from repetitive business process management to solve higher-value customer problems.

    Our team of domain / industry experts, advisory consultants, data scientists, and architects bring a comprehensive view of how Work Place Transformation Services can help enhance your bottom line and how you can use your strategic IT assets.

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