Mobile Application Development Services

At CMPTL we not only provide Mobile Application Development Services but we also provide cutting edge solutions that makes difference to our client's bottom line

Mobile Application Development Services


Ensure the success of your app by partnering with the skilled developers.

Over the past decade, CMPTL has successfully carried out over 350 mobile projects, providing consulting and mobile app development services for different platforms and various industries. We proved our excellence in telecom.


All our specialists are on a high alert to deliver all-round custom mobile app development services, from consulting and project specification to integration, deployment and market release. We cover:

  • Mobile consulting
  • Business analysis
  • UI/UX design
  • Native or cross-platform mobile application development
  • Mobile testing (Unit testing and UI Automation)
  • Backend integration or publication on the App Store, Google Play or Microsoft Store.
  • Full-cycle mobile development services


Make yourself at home on any mobile platform or reach out to multiple platforms at once.

Our app development company offers native mobile development for:

  • iOS,
  • Android,
  • Windows Phone.

To projects that aim to hit multiple platforms, we also suggest cross-platform development on:

  • Cordova/PhoneGap,
  • Xamarin,
  • React Native.

Native and cross-platform development - CMPTL

At your request, our business analysts will estimate your project against the market and help you decide on the platforms to target. After that, experienced project managers will assist you in settling for the most suitable development framework.


CMPTL is a provider of mobile solutions that are used by millions of people across various industries. Our mobile developers know how to approach multiple market branches and skillfully implement both high-level and elaborated projects for any line of business, including:

  • Healthcare
    • Android Health app
    • Multifunctional inpatient care app
    • iOS heart-rate tracking app for U.S. sport organizations and military forces
    • iOS/Android video chat apps for private healthcare practices
    • Telecom and Media
  • Telecom and Media
    • VoIP and messaging app with about 900 million users
    • Mobile TV app used by MTV, BBC, Fox Entertainment Group, T-Mobile and Orange
    • iOS sales force apps for a lifeline-driven U.S. telecom company
    • Mobile music store for a service provider of AOL, NRJ and MTV
    • Banking
  • Banking
    • Award-winning mobile banking iOS/Android applications
    • iOS/Android banking solution highly praised by Deloitte
    • Online credit app developed on Cordova and Ionic
    • Mobile payment solution for more than 6 million e-wallets
  • Retail and Marketing
    • Ad campaign planning app for a global marketing agency
    • Trade marketing app for an FMCG corporation with 82,000 employees
    • Android/iOS ‘lucky wheel’ loyalty app
  • Other
    • iOS camera app for a global leader in photo and image processing
    • Mobile Smart Home control app
    • Project management app developed on Xamarin


Along with full-cycle development, CMPTL offers team augmentation services. Our mobile resources comprise of mobile app developers (more than a half of them are seniors and leads), UI designers and backend developers. Some of the most daring features that our team has already had a chance to implement are:

  • RSA
  • Egomotion
  • Face Recognition
  • Image Transformation.
  • iOS app developers
  • CMPTL’s iOS app developers have a perfect command of both Objective-C and Swift. Working with iOS SDK, CocoaTouch, Core Data, Core Animation, Location Services, UIKit, and many more tools, our team delivers successful iPhone and iPad apps that easily get published on App Store.

  • Android app developers
  • Our Android app developers keep up with the time and write mobile apps not only on Java, but also on Kotlin. They leverage Android SDK, Eclipse IDE, Volley, Gradle, Logcat, UIAutomator, as well as powerful APIs to achieve the best app performance and appearance on all Android devices.

  • Windows Phone developers
  • Along with the mobile app specialists who focus on the two most popular platforms, we also have a team of Windows Phone developers. C#, Visual Studio 2010/13/15, Silverlight 4+, Microsoft Expression Blend, and other tools all help CMPTL deliver high-quality apps for Windows Phone.

  • Xamarin developers
  • CMPTL employs another team of C# developers who create apps for all three popular platforms on Xamarin. We use both Xamarin.Forms and Xamarin.iOS/Android for our projects, and are well-versed in multiple plugins and libraries, including Plugin.CurrentActivity, Acr.Support, and Acr.UserDialog.

  • Hybrid app developers
  • In addition, our team of front-end developers can tap their skills in your Cordova (PhoneGap), AngularJS, Ionic or React Native projects. Knowing the limitations of hybrid frameworks, our team makes shrewd strategic decisions to get the most out of JavaScript, CSS and HTML for mobile.

Perks of staff augmentation with CMPTL

Regardless of the technology or platform focus, our mobile app developers are all highly skilled professionals who have:

  • Solid and always latest industry intelligence
  • 8-9 years of experience in mobile development on average
  • Official competency compliance certificates
  • Experience in Scrum, Waterfall, Iterative, Kanban, Domain-Driven Design, and Test-Driven Development processes.

In addition to our strong competencies, we also offer convenient team augmenting cooperation models with:

  • Quick ramp-up (2-4 weeks)
  • Easy scale up
  • Easy scale down
  • Quick termination possibility.


We know how to deliver high-quality mobile software and how to do effective business with you. Rapid, transparent, time- and cost-efficient development aren’t the characteristics we try to impress our customers with; these are what makes up the basis of our attitude to any project

Drop us a line to learn more about our competencies in your industry, consult with our professionals regarding your idea or request custom mobile applications development right away.

Our team of domain / industry experts, advisory consultants, data scientists, and architects bring a comprehensive view of how Mobile Application Development Services can help enhance your bottom line and how you can use your strategic IT assets.

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