Paper Ads

Paper ADs are one of the powerful mediums to make an impact in the current scenario.

Placing a full page AD or a teaser AD running across pages or an innovative AD that blends with the news;

all these can do wonders to the success of your promotional campaign.

As the costs of Paper ADs are higher than all other media, you need to design your AD to get maximum mileage out of it.

You need to make sure you know your audience, their reading pattern/habits and how you are going to position your product or service to them.

A newspaper ad will be seen by the newspaper demographic--typically well-educated people with average to above-average incomes.

This is a great demographic to target, because the people have more disposable income than those in less-educated audiences.

Printed products are far more tangible and useful to many people than TV advertising. Hearing about a product or a phone number on a TV commercial may be fleeting and leave people trying to remember the message.

But people can cut out a newspaper ad and use it when it's convenient to find out more about the business. Hence designing a paper AD needs a lot of planning and strategy to work together. Our team of designers, visualizers and strategists will help in designing simple yet impactful paper AD to generate enough response and attention.

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