Internet of Things (IoT) Services

At CMPTL we not only provide Internet of Things (IoT) Services but we also provide cutting edge solutions that makes difference to our client's bottom line

Internet of Things(IoT) Services

The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data.

With Seasoned IoT experts at CMPTL, complimented by vertical domain expertise, product engineering, analytics, consulting & application expertise, we at CMPTL have end-to-end capabilities

At CMPTL, We Provide:

  • Consulting & Advisory
  • Edge Engineering
  • Systems Integration
  • Platforms & Applications
  • Operations Services

The 7 high-level architecture requirements for an IoT-based system:

  • Context: Captures the context at all times, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
  • Standards: Uses standard communication protocols between IoT devices and enterprise systems
  • Scalability: Responds to increased load by a decline in performance, not failure; increases capacity proportionally as resources are added
  • Data Management: Efficiently manages huge volumes of data
  • Connectivity: Provides high network connectivity for large data payloads and continuous streaming
  • Security: Moves and encrypts information securely even as IoT introduces new risks and vulnerabilities
  • Interoperability: Networks all systems together and ensures interoperability of all data

The 3 tiers of IoT logical reference architecture:

  • Edge
  • Platform
  • Enterprise

The 3 tiers of IoT logical reference architecture:

  • Access Layer
  • Channel Layer
  • Customer Experience Layer
  • Consumer Layer
  • Business & Information Services Layer
  • Information Management and Analytics Services Layer
  • Enterprise Integration Layer
  • Enterprise Systems Layer
  • IoT Layer
  • Security
  • Collaboration & Management

At CMPTL, We enable you to be more with IoT by leveraging the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index with our pioneering expertise to help you assess, define and implement optimal IoT roadmaps; building smart connected products that enable you to create new revenue streams; creating vertical industry solutions and platforms that harness the power of machine learning and advanced analytics to help your organization become more efficient and competitive; providing integrated offerings to deliver and manage IoT solutions that work

CMPTL offers easily deployable solutions for enterprises that gather data from sensors to provide actionable business insights. CMPTL Team has been focusing on the development of Testbeds with the key ecosystem partners. These Testbeds address different industry vertical scenarios.

CMPTL Offerings:

IoT Consulting

We offer a range of specialized engagements from adoption of roadmaps for smart manufacturing to go-to-market strategies for connected products. CMPTL provides solutions along with other partners of the consortium that developed the acatech Industrie 4.0 (I4.0) Maturity Index.


We seamlessly connect the physical with the digital. Create new connected products and renew standalone products into smart ones capable of doing more. Achieve faster time-to-market with CMPTL accelerators such as IIC approved testbeds.

System Integration

We enable enterprises in their IoT System Integration with Certified IoT engineers and data scientists with deep expertise in domain, engineering, IT, and analytics, Ecosystem of IoT-certified partners, IP and solutions such as the CMPTL IoT Gateway Framework

Managed Services

We help companies manage and maintain services across the IoT stack through our asset management solutions that provide factory visibility, asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, and AI-based analytical engines.

Our team of domain / industry experts, advisory consultants, data scientists, and architects bring a comprehensive view of how Internet of Things (IoT) Services can help enhance your bottom line and how you can use your strategic IT assets.

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