Digital Process Automation Services

At CMPTL we not only provide Digital Process Automation Services but we also provide cutting edge solutions that makes difference to our client's bottom line

Digital Process Automation Services

CMPTL’s Digital Process Automation combines the power of BPM, RPA and AI to transform the business value chain. Our suite of software and services, together with our rich partner ecosystem helps companies drive greater business efficiency and deliver world class customer service. Companies working with CMPTL have been able to achieve up to 50% increase in business efficiency while significantly boosting the customer experience they deliver.

Many companies are in digital shock and struggling to make the digital culture shift. Intelligent automation can help companies to successfully navigate this culture shift—building a vibrant and successful digital culture in their business—by striving to:

  • Become built for change. Today, organizations must be built for change, which may mean changing how they operate as a company. Automation plays a very big role in making software, and by extension business, built for change.
  • Become data-driven. Companies will need intelligent automation embedded into the fabric of their business to make data-based decision-making so pervasive that people and machines alike are equipped to harvest and act on it.
  • Be digitally risk-aware. This means facing and factoring in newer risks that traditional businesses were never exposed to: security, consumer privacy, data transparency and responsible use of technology—which are growing in volume and complexity.
  • Embrace disruption. Intelligent automation is allowing businesses to disrupt their industries by reinventing what they do across all parts of the enterprise, such as virtual agents for customer interaction.

Service Offerings:

Transforming Business Value Chain through Engaged Customer Experience


Differentiate by Enabling Customer Centricity

Convert Systems of Engagement to Systems of Differentiation by reimagining customer journeys, providing seamless experience across channels and real time personalization for end-users

Contact Center Transformations

Innovate to deliver great customer service by adopting the right strategy, while optimizing operations and systems for optimal customer engagement and efficiency.

Rapid Business Application Development

Use Low Code development platforms and Agile Techniques for rapid delivery of business applications while accelerating time to value.


Simplify and automate complex manual operations, legacy processes and white-spaces between platforms using BPM and RPA.


Leverage BPM, RPA and AI to transform the complete business value chain. Achieve up to 50% increase in business efficiency while delivering great digital customer experiences.

Our team of domain / industry experts, advisory consultants, data scientists, and architects bring a comprehensive view of how Digital Process Automation Services can help enhance your bottom line and how you can use your strategic IT assets.

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