Cloud Services

At CMPTL we not only provide Cloud Services but we also provide cutting edge solutions that makes difference to our client's bottom line

Cloud Services

Innovative organizations are reinventing themselves by shifting their workloads to scalable and flexible cloud environments. CMPTL’s cloud services boost the capabilities of these organizations by optimizing, customizing and supporting solutions aimed at improving customer experience and business agility while lowering costs and capital expenditure.

Migrating to cloud is important – but doing it fast and doing it right is the key

CMPTL’s Cloud Migration service is the answer for organizations that want to migrate applications, systems and storage to a cloud environment for scalability, improved productivity and lowered capital and operating costs. This accelerates time to market, without compromising security and compliance.

Integrate applications, systems and storage within the cloud and between cloud and on premise without compromising security and flexibility

A sound cloud strategy depends on the flawless integration of applications, systems and storage between cloud and on premises infrastructure while maintaining flexibility. CMPTL ’s Cloud Integration service orchestrates strategy, development and management of integration services using strategic partnerships with Red Hat, Dell Boomi, IBM Cast Iron, WSO2 and MuleSoft.

CMPTL’s Enterprise Cloud Ecosystem

IT and business look at cloud adoption very differently. Technology teams in the organization look at the cloud as an opportunity to move from capex to opex, reduce data center footprint, bolster agility, modernize legacy applications and deliver engaging new experiences for their customers. Business teams need to see the whole picture to drive investments that maximize value for the enterprise. This is where CMPTL’s Enterprise Cloud Ecosystem plays a pivotal role.

Enterprises lack a unified view into their entire IT landscape as it extends to the cloud, and are not armed with all the capabilities needed to paint a cohesive picture. They also need to bring together all the skills, software and experience needed to maximize the kind of returns they should see from their cloud investments. This is where CMPTL’s Enterprise Cloud Ecosystem plays a pivotal role in showing enterprises the whole picture, and helping them realize the whole potential of their cloud investments.

CMPTL is the best partner for enterprises to achieve an integrated and unified view of the enterprise cloud ecosystem. With CMPTL’s Enterprise Cloud Ecosystem, we partner with companies to advise them on their cloud transformation strategy across infrastructure, data, applications and more, and then build and co-evolve their enterprise cloud. We bring together the capabilities needed to drive both business and IT priorities – across the foundational layers optimized for cloud efficiencies, right up to the portfolio of applications as services.

Our proven suite of services, industry blueprints and platforms, together with our expertise of having driven cloud transformation programs across multiple technologies has enabled enterprises to increase their business agility up to 10X times while achieving up to 30% improvement in the resilience of their IT landscape.

  • Cloud Advisory Services
  • Cloud Build Services
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Cloud Integration Services
  • CMPTL Managed Cloud Services
  • Cloud Native Deployment Services
  • Cloud Security Services

Our team of domain / industry experts, advisory consultants, data scientists, and architects bring a comprehensive view of how Cloud Services can help enhance your bottom line and how you can use your strategic IT assets.

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