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At CMPTL we provide not just Interactive Application Development services but a strong online presence that ensure quicker results.

Interactive Application Development


The future is now! Our team is constantly working to bring future technologies to you today. Thanks to our passion for interactive app development, we have always had an upper hand over our competition. Our tech brain team constantly comes up with highly engaging app ideas that will guarantee your brand a successful campaign story.

Gone are the days of a simple mall promotion or setting up a standee at a crowded supermarket. Today, brands are trying innovative digital experiences to engage with their consumers and influence their buying decision. This can be done only by understanding your consumers; the way they make decisions, the touch points that influence them the most and how you can make your presence felt at these touch points. And guess who does this best? We! Our think tanks mix insights, creativity & technology to develop fresh ideas that will not just engage your customers, but also give you the right results. From augmented reality to on-ground digital activations, we have an arsenal of ideas that are waiting to explode.

CMPTL is a developer of rich interactive applications, visual authoring tools, and media management systems. In contrast to mainstream software development, interactive media development emphasizes on visuals and interactivity, engaging users with a rich user experience, accessible across multiple platforms (web, desktop, mobile). CMPTL takes its clients through the application design process, to finally reach a business goal, with mind blowing interactive applications. CMPTL has developed the following types of applications for its clients:

  • Educational applications
  • Applications that benefit educational institutes to enhance the learning process

  • Market research tools
  • Engaging customer applications that record user behaviour in the background, to be analyzed for market research

  • Visual authoring software
  • Drag and drop interfaces to create data structures which convert to user-defined schemas

Gesture Applications

This is a brand-new technology that enables users to interact with digital devices through simple hand gestures. These things are so cool that you will feel like a superhero. Using this technology, we will help you create interesting digital activation campaigns and give it a larger reach by integrating social media platforms into the activity. With our gesture technology expertise you can turn an offline activity into an interesting interactive experience.

Touch Screen Solutions

Turn your marketing events into interactive, fun activities. Touch screen solutions are a brilliant way to create engagement and excitement around your brand. Apart from providing enhanced user experiences, touch screen solutions offer an opportunity for online-offline connect.

Social Apps

Almost everyone is on social media today. It’s an amazing platform with a tangible impact on the buying behavior of today’s consumers. That is why building social applications that are exciting and visually appealing can help strengthen your social media presence as well as boost customer acquisition. Thanks to our technological excellence and years of experience, we have successfully developed numerous social apps for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Our team of domain / industry experts, advisory consultants, data scientists, and architects bring a comprehensive view of how Interactive Application Development Services can help enhance your bottom line and how you can use your strategic IT assets.

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