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At CMPTL we provide not just Event Management Agency services but a strong online presence that ensure quicker results.

CMPTL is an award winning Independent Event Management agency that crafts compelling and successful Events. We guide businesses through the Event Management landscape, designing great experiences for your customers along the way. Over the last decade and a half, we have helped and guided organisations to achieve outstanding results through our Event Management Services.

"Boldness and spirit in all we do as a company"

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses are fighting for attention, emotional connections, market share and longevity. Your war cry anchors your company to a belief that can weather any storm, win any battle, and move a group to action. This philosophy is the driving force behind everything we do as an agency.

As an Event Management Services agency, everything we do begins with detailed research and discovery. We analyze market trends, evaluate the competitive landscape and immerse ourselves in the client's event.


We focus on building Events centered around technology and consumer engagement. Turning stories into conversations, impressions into relationships and campaigns into results. Using technology to our advantage, we build intelligent Event experiences for our clients.

For more than two decades, many of the world’s most recognized companies have trusted us to develop strategies and design, plan and produce engaging experiential events.

We have helped position products, strengthen investor and employee relationships, and excite consumers.


Here’s where the collaboration begins. Our event strategists delve into the nuances of your brand, your message, and the audience you want to engage. We examine the landscape, what’s trending and what’s not.

The event strategies we develop are rich in insight and driven by research and analytics. They are the foundation for any meaningful event or meeting and the basis from which we build your story as a live experience.

The events and meetings we design are multiplatform integrated campaigns that often begin and end online. We implement digital strategies and effective social media solutions to ensure 360-degree engagement.

It is all part of a time-tested foundation that yields breakthrough creative coupled with clear strategic insight designed to deliver measurable results.

Strategy Offerings

  • Concept & Theme Development
  • Message Design
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Digital Strategy
  • Branding Solutions
  • Insights & Analysis
  • Measurement / Metrics
  • Social Media Integration
  • Data Analytics


Compelling event design evokes emotion. The environment, the sights, the sounds, the interaction; all are carefully crafted to create a multi-sensory experience.

We draw on an endless source of design inspiration to infuse your brand story into the environment and strengthen your message. From art and fashion to pop culture and technology, the results are as varied and original as the inspiration. Our scenic and environmental designers develop full renderings, technical drawings and floor plans to give you a clear 3-D view of how it will all come to life.

Whether elegant and sophisticated or bold and cutting edge, the experiential events we design will engage and impress your audience.

Design Offerings

  • Set and Stage Design
  • Environmental Design (Lighting Design, Sound Design, Event Décor)
  • Graphic Design
  • Video / Multimedia Design & 3-D Animation
  • Copywriting and Scripting
  • Web Design and Development
  • Brand
  • Creative Concept
  • Immersive Experience
  • Digital Content Design
  • App Building


At the crossroads of inspiration and organization is planning. The proper planning of an event requires attention to detail that borders on obsessive. And, we admit it. We’re obsessed. We leave nothing to chance. We walk in the audience’s footsteps and plan every inch of the experience with intention, all to ensure we deliver seamlessly executed experiences that offer the highest level of service for your guests.

From venue selection and food and beverage curation to full registration, transportation, and concierge and hospitality services, our expert event and Certified Meeting Planners are an extension of your own team.

Planning Offerings

  • Budget Management
  • Hotel and Venue Sourcing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Transportation
  • Hospitality Services
  • Registration, Attendee Management, Reporting
  • Concierge Services
  • Agenda Development
  • Supplier Sourcing and Management
  • Onsite Staffing
  • Seating Solutions
  • Timelines


We’ve got the reach and resources of Goliath and the nimble nature of David. Our rich history in live event production keeps things running on cue and on brand.

We combine the latest production techniques, cutting edge technology solutions and a wealth of experience. From exclusive C-suite business meetings to buzzworthy NewFronts to investor meetings, we execute with precision.

Production Offerings

  • Program Management
  • Logistical Support
  • Content Development
  • Speaker Coaching
  • Custom Theatrical Entertainment
  • Audio, Visual & Lighting
  • Celebrity Talent Sourcing and Management
  • Run of Show / Stage Management
  • Webcast (live and recorded, virtual conferencing)
  • Event Technology (mobile apps, content management, polling)

Managed Services

CMPTL is a market leader in the provision of managed event services to firms seeking to outsource either a portion or all of their event management function.

Our resourcing solutions deliver to clients a fully managed and experienced on-site event team. These dedicated teams are supported by our HR and managerial teams based at our New York, London and Singapore offices.

For many of our clients our Resourcing Solutions support the reengineering of departmental structures and cost to optimize the delivery of event services. Our expertise in this field has delivered significant commercial benefits to our clients while also improving the performance of the event management function.

Managed Services Offerings

  • Resourcing Solutions
  • Venue Sourcing
  • Event Technology
  • Event Logistics
  • Time Tracking

Our team of domain / industry experts, advisory consultants, data scientists, and architects bring a comprehensive view of how Event Management Services can help enhance your bottom line and how you can use your strategic IT assets.

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