Marketing Strategies

At CMPTL we provide not just Marketing Strategies but a strong online presence that ensure quicker results.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategy is defined as being the efficient use of scarce resources to achieve the desired objectives.

Our job is to clearly understand what these objectives are, to question them if required at the briefing stage and qualify them as part of any business research, and to challenge any pre-conceived ideas as necessary within our strategic proposition, which is the outcome of the marketing strategy phase.

It needs to consider the available budget and the desired profits that will be a direct and indirect result of any related marketing activities. It needs to assess and recommend the best media channels to use to achieve the strategic objectives. It needs to establish meaningful success criteria, wherever this is possible.

This does not mean that a marketing strategy ought to eat up huge amounts of time and money. Good strategy is a consequence of knowledge and experience, attitude and flair, disciplined teamwork, pragmatic brainstorming and creative insight. We believe that we add a great deal of value – much more than most marketing agencies – in all of these areas.

Building a brand involves many important things and strategy is at the heart of it. Strategy answers the ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘how’, ‘when’, ‘who and ‘where’ of everything. We build simple and clear strategies to help the brands we work with stay top-of-mind with their customers.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy integrates all activities – public relations, advertising, investor relations, interactive or internal communications – to manage your most precious asset: your brand. We help create an identity for your brand and define your position in the market. We then build the credibility and potential of your brand in the market with creativity and technology.

Creative Strategy

Creative strategy is a phrase that is used in reference to taking risks and making connections through ideas that changes the way people perceive things and, eventually, changes the way they live. We look to further your creative process; enable you to overcome blocks and conquer the market. Our long-term, creative strategies ensure that you have an edge over your competitors, every time.

Content Strategy

A content strategy is important to bring out your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), what you stand for, and your voice in a busy marketplace. A brand’s success in the market is directly dependent on its content marketing strategy. Only around 35% of the Fortune 500 companies in the world have a content strategy that coheres in the multi-channel/multi-device world we live in today. As pioneers in engineering content strategies, we seize every opportunity to deliver mutually agreeable outcomes between your product/service and your customers.

Digital Strategy

The Internet is a crowded place and like any crowded place, it is filled with multiple things that you have to familiarize yourself with before diving deep into it. So how do you do something that will make people sit up and take notice? That is the question at the heart of digital strategy and online marketing, and our committed team has at its disposal the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to find a relevant solution that strengthens your identity.

Social Media Strategy

An effective social media strategy digs a goldmine of interested people on the social media who will come back to you. With CMPTL, the list will be endless.

B2B Marketing

B2B companies rethink and restructure their marketing strategies to arrive at an overriding goal- to sell more by shelling out less. Social media strategies in a B2B environment forms a remarkable platform to develop market perceptions about your organization the way other’s never have. We, at CMPTL ensure that you outrun your own benchmarks.

B2C Marketing

Social Media Marketing has become the disruptive force for B2C marketing. In the mad race of today’s business, awareness is the first roadblock many businesses are not able to get past. But don’t you worry. CMPTL, with its efficient B2C Marketing strategies will give you the edge over others.

Facebook Marketing

Yes, people do “Google” everything these days. But the amount of people keeping track of things on Facebook is astonishing. If your business is present on Facebook, you can reach your target audience in a much more specific way, even without them ‘searching’ for your business. With Facebook Marketing, you can pass on the more important updates/news about your business in an easier way and drive traffic into your website.

Linkedin Marketing

YouTube accounts for over 28% of all Google searches. Globally, online video traffic will be 55 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2016. These facts only go on to show that YouTube, given the nature of the platform, is a marketing channel one should not miss. With CMPTL, you would not have to worry about this. Lay back and let us make sure your presence in YouTube is unparalleled.

Our team of domain / industry experts, advisory consultants, data scientists, and architects bring a comprehensive view of how Marketing Strategies can help enhance your bottom line and how you can use your strategic IT assets.

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