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At CMPTL we provide not just Advertising Agency services but a strong online presence that ensure quicker results.

CMPTL is an award winning Independent Advertising agency that crafts compelling and memorable ideas. We guide businesses through the Advertising landscape, designing great experiences for your customers along the way. Over the last decade and a half, we have helped and guided organisations to achieve outstanding results.

Our bouquet of 360 degree Advertising services includes:

  • Designing of Creatives
  • Offline Advertising
    • Magazine ADs
    • News Paper ADs
    • Hoardings
    • TV ADs
    • Radio Jingles
    • Theatre ADs
    • Airtime on TV Channels
    • Airtime on Radio Channels
    • Mobile Vans
    • Advertising on Bus and Bus Shelters
    • Event Sponsorships
    • OOH Advertising
    • In store Advertising
    • Airport advertising
    • In-flight Magazine & Entertainment Advertising
  • Online Advertising
    • Google ADwords
    • Linked-in ADs
    • Facebook ADs
    • Youtube Ads

Advertising services provided by CMPTL involves Mass Communication experts, Concept Developers, Visualizers, Copywriters, Graphic Designers and Domain experts in publishing technologies, multimedia, electronic media and internet technologies. CMPTL Mumbai Team bring the Advertising experience and consumer insights gained over the years from clients across diverse fields.

At CMPTL, we follow the 11 steps involved in the process of advertising:

Step 1 - Briefing: the advertiser needs to brief about the product or the service which has to be advertised and doing the SWOT analysis of the company and the product.

Step 2 - Knowing the Objective: one should first know the objective or the purpose of advertising. i.e. what message is to be delivered to the audience?

Step 3 - Research: this step involves finding out the market behavior, knowing the competitors, what type of advertising they are using, what is the response of the consumers, availability of the resources needed in the process, etc.

Step 4 - Target Audience: the next step is to identify the target consumers most likely to buy the product. The target should be appropriately identified without any confusion. For e.g. if the product is a health drink for growing kids, then the target customers will be the parents who are going to buy it and not the kids who are going to drink it.

Step 5 - Media Selection: now that the target audience is identified, one should select an appropriate media for advertising so that the customers who are to be informed about the product and are willing to buy are successfully reached.

Step 6 - Setting the Budget: then the advertising budget has to be planned so that there is no short of funds or excess of funds during the process of advertising and also there are no losses to the company.

Step 7 - Designing and Creating the Ad: first the design that is the outline of ad on papers is made by the copywriters of the agency, then the actual creation of ad is done with help of the art directors and the creative personnel of the agency.

Step 8 - Perfection: then the created ad is re-examined and the ad is redefined to make it perfect to enter the market.

Step 9 - Place and Time of Ad: the next step is to decide where and when the ad will be shown. The place will be decided according to the target customers where the ad is most visible clearly to them. The finalization of time on which the ad will be telecasted or shown on the selected media will be done by the traffic department of the agency.

Step 10 - Execution: finally the advertisement is released with perfect creation, perfect placement and perfect timing in the market.

Step 11 - Performance: the last step is to judge the performance of the ad in terms of the response from the customers, whether they are satisfied with the ad and the product, did the ad reached all the targeted people, was the advertise capable enough to compete with the other players, etc. Every point is studied properly and changes are made, if any.

At CMPTL, we follow above advertising steps accurately and it will result in the successful beginning for the product in the market.

Our experienced team will work closely with you and evaluate your business goals, in order to come up with the best Advertising Campaign for your business. As a professional Advertising agency, we will help you get the necessary brand visibility for your company in your Target Market.

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