E-Learning Modules

We assure you E- learning solutions that stand along with the standards of some of the top E-learning production companies across the globe.

Client : AL-TECH

This learning material has highly informative module for fitter training including animations, examples, videos and quiz. It was well accepted by the students, universities and industries.   


This walkthrough learning module explains the working of the tool. It helped the company to train their sales team and also to impress the customers   

Client : CENTURY

A step by step guide through an extensive CRM application. Making the learning curves smoother.


This interactive learning tool has all the information on the "Post view Torque". This interactive module has detailed information on how the tool works, it usage, troubleshooting etc.   

Client : L&T VALDEL

This learning modules has various Technical and soft skills training information. This has helped the company to reduce the cost of training new resources and standardizing the training process   

Client : ARCTERN

This learning material contains all the needed information for the Employee Induction Program. It contains information about the management, facilities, policies, infrastructure etc.   


This consists of complete information on solutions for insurance sector that wipro offers to its clients. Rich graphics and interactive modules make this an effective tool for training sales team and convincing customers.


These technical learning modules had multilevel information to help technical team, sales team and the customers to understand the working, benefits, troubleshooting of various water purifiers and vacuum cleaners.   

Client : ZULU-24X7

This module helps people to improve their analytical and decision making skills. It helped companies to test the intelligence and thinking process of their employees   


This learning module explains the working of the Ultra sonic sensor. It helped the marketing team to get familiar with the product and its working.   

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